Tuesday, July 6, 2010

drop the rope!

For God's sake!
For the sake of Jesus!
For the sake of the Holy Spirit!

For the sake of the old women and men on the back pew!
For the sake of the middle aged men and women around the coffee pot!
For the sake of our babies, and youth
and what young adults we do have...

For the sake of...
past members,
present members,
potential members!

Can we do what it takes to put down the rope!
Can we end this incessant tug of war of words!
Can we move on to the dessert now!

Is it too much to ask that
I be allowed to sit
on the corner of your blanket
and share a meal.

Is it too much to ask that
you come sit
on the corner of my blanket
and share a meal.

Is it possible for your side
and my side....
to remember
we are on the same side?

I suppose if we can't put
down the rope....

I suppose if we are unable
to stop the tug of war
and enjoy the freshly churned ice cream...

I suppose if we are so
hard headed not to re-claim
our common identity and calling....

Then we will just keep pulling on the
rope till it breaks and both sides
fall to the ground hurt and exhausted.
I don't think that is what God intended.

this seems to be
what we are intent on doing.

Don't get me wrong...
I am not without
opinions and perspectives...
I have personality with both
strengths and weaknesses...
I have particular hopes for the
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)!

I also know that we may well
be learning yet again....
if we haven't already learned the lesson....
that it is not possible for
humans to agree to disagree
no matter how many times
we say that it is possible.
At least for those of us in the
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Or is it?

Maybe the rope
has already broken
and our picnic potluck
now has two lines
and we are already
sitting on opposite sides
of the park.

Maybe there is no more rope
to hold us together.

Maybe the 219th General Assembly
and all the Presbytery Meetings
in the coming year
will tell the story
of what's left
of our picnic.

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