Saturday, July 31, 2010

everyday theology...

a corner in Lampasas

Texas peaches for $3 a basket

look into the top of the bottle
and see reflections of fellowship

glass of Texas sunshine at sunset
at the Red Caboose winery and vineyard

Pondering about God.
Doesn't really mean much
if "divine" pondering doesn't lead
to everyday life
joys or revelations.

In less than a 24 hour period
I pondered and bumped into

My friend defined the
journey as minimalist extravagance!
That is a way of saying...
what we will experience
will seem luxurious
but it will cost very little.

Minimalist extravagance. that is something to ponder.

A delicious homemade lunch...
tasting wine at two wineries
owned by twin brothers
Gill and Bill
a swim in an enormous

spring fed swimming pool
rocking on a porch as the sun sets
sipping wine under the milky way
a late night ride in a convertible!

Didn't cost much....
and proved my friend right.
Such things are

God created so many extravagant things
for us to enjoy....many of them free of charge.
This morning I sat on my porch drinking coffee...
the breeze blowing
the mourning doves cooing
the cicadas chirping and cracking.


Maybe this is what

God meant
when after creating....
God said...
It is good.

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