Thursday, July 1, 2010

Charge It!

How many times will the
so labeled "conservative"
corner of Christ's church
charge the so labeled
"liberal" corner of Christ's church
of being conformed to the world?

I went into a local
Christian Bookstore the other day,
hardly the bastion of "liberalism".

Such a journey
up and down aisles
of Christian themed merchandise
often leaves me wondering
what Jesus would think?

So many things to buy!

Scripture glow candles for your end tables
and zebra patterned, cross encrusted Bible covers.
My favorite was the pink alligator
Bible cover with lime green clasp.

For $14.99
evangelist Joyce Meyers
is selling her book titled:
Eat the Cookie/Buy the Shoes
Permission Giving to Lighten Up
A note on the inside cover reads:
"You are worth a little waste!"

I was literally stunned at the display of
t-shirts targeted at young thin teenage girls.
There was only one size available:
very small in a very thin
almost see through cotton material.
The message:
Abortion is Murder
printed in a extra funky
Abercrombie and Fitch like red font
on a black t-shirt.
The word Abortion scrawled
just under the neck line
across the breast bone.

Next to the selection of Bibles
was three long shelves of books
labeled Christian Fiction Romance.
Stacks of faith based love stories
with titles like:
A Sisters Hope
A Cousins Challenge

Near the back wall was another
category of books:
Biographies and Such.
In this section Laura Bush's book
sat next to Joel Osteen's
just next to Sarah Palin's.
Under these three
a book titled:
The Gospel Side of Elvis.
(Shhhh. Don't tell anyone Elvis
conformed to the world!)

The sale of the day:
50% off
Christian themed
blue jeans...for 25.00.

Enough said.


Jennifer said...

It's been a joy to catch up with your posts. Will you be at GA this year?

laughing pastor said...

I will not be at GA! You will have to mingle and sing and talk and laugh and vote and dance and debate on my behalf!