Saturday, June 26, 2010

how i know...

How does a Presbyterian
know he
or she
is loved?

Because the Book of Order
mandates it?

Love is not rooted
in the polity of the church.
Love is not a product
or a commodity
of the factions
within the church.

And as frightening as this may
sound to a Presbyterian....
love is not always decent and in order.
Sometimes love is messy
and unexpected.

at the side of a grave
with a family
grieving the loss of their
son and brother and uncle...
who spent much of his life wrestling
with life and love...
it became so simple
and clear.

It's that song
from the beginning
of our journey
that meets us at the end
of our journey.

No matter what turns or
dead ends we experience
in life...

we are sandwiched in
between this simple

Jesus loves me this I know
for the Bible tells me so...

How does a person know
or she
is loved.

It's not rooted in votes
or debate
or amendments.

Love fortunately
is not rooted in
the things we

Love is God's
to give....
the way God so desires.

The love God has given to me
you cannot delete.
The love God has given to you
I cannot erase.

whether we debate
and fight and wrestle
for another 20 years
in the church
as to who is loved
and who is not...

God will continue
to love
the way
God chooses
to love.

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