Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a promise I need you to help me keep...

My last medical check up for a while....this time teeth cleaning with Lisa. Lisa is my dental hygienist. Her first question is always, "Have you been flossing?" I do have to admit that through the years I have not always been truthful in my answer. But what I've discovered is that most times Lisa knows the answer when I open my big mouth and show her my "tattle telling" gums!

Though I haven't been good at flossing this past year I have lost weight and lowered my cholesterol! Lisa's response was, "When is it my turn?" (meaning care for my teeth)

So today I opened my big mouth when she took all her poky tools out and made a promise. I told her that I've never promised her before. She told me that she was writing the promise down in her medical notes.

I opened my big mouth again and said I would stay true to my promise by recording my flossing history on this blog. So when I have time I'll set up a section for Lisa on my right hand column and report my flossing progress.

So here goes Lisa....I'll see you again in April!

I mean for heaven's sake if I am going to be known as the Laughing Pastor then I have to have decent teeth. So here's for more laughter and good teeth!


TwinB said...

be true to your teeth or they will be false to you!

PT Pastor said...

The baptism picture next to this blog today loks like teeth in the denitst chair. I thought you chose a striking picture to remind you to blog, then I saw it was your baptism picture. O the ay the mind works.

PT Pastor said...

Thats looks not loks and way not ay