Monday, September 8, 2008

indeed people are my ministry...

Yes, indeed after 20 years of full-time ministry I needed to be told that people are my ministry!

For twenty years I have been an open book and the door to my office has been open.

For twenty years I have given my full attention to everyone who had the need to poke their head through my office door.

For twenty years I've listened to countless words of advice that I need to balance my ministry with people and create some space for myself and know when to close my door.

After 20 years of ministry I finally have the sanity to close my door to my office so that I can take care of my self so that when I open my door I can minister to all the people. I finally have the wisdom and the peace to carve out some time so that I can read and pray and just be.

I finally don't feel guilty about it.

The minute I find what ever it is I needed to find to close my door for part of the day I have people barging in my office unannounced and another minister telling me not to forget that ministry is about people.

Some people need a sane pastor who knows how to take care of himself. Some people need to learn how to respect the pastor. Some people.....

Oh well.

My door was open all day today.
My door will be open most of the day tomorrow.
Wednesday will come when I have had a high number of unpleasant experiences while at this church....I'll chose again to close my door.

This time I will lock it.

Thanks for the reminder.
Ministry is about people.


Stushie said...

I could be way off base here, but your post reads like you are hurting...forgive me if I'm absolutely wrong.

I felt like that two years ago. I found a great book by H.B London called "They Call Me Pastor - How to love the ones you lead." It helped me immensely.

Take care of yourself and God bless.

PT Pastor said...

I think stushie is off base and that sometime loving the one you lead is putting up boundries that are to be respected. Sometimes church people need to learn respect, particulaly for the pastor.

Churches are for sinners but unfortunately those who really think they are saints are sinner and those who think they are sinner are often saints.

The same can be said for pastor those who think they have all the answeres have few and thoese who thik they have no answers have the most.

Caroline said...

My old mum used to say "Love thy neighbour, but don't pull down thy fence" The word selfish gets a bad press - it took me many years to learn that if I looked after myself a little bit then I had a lot more energy left to give to others - I am sure closing your door and getting stuff achieved now and then makes you a more patient Pastor when your door is open.