Saturday, August 16, 2008

love for the right reasons

Whether it be marriage, family or friendship I have come to understand love that is right, for the right reasons to include the following:

There is no longer reason for "better than thou" ideology. We are all just humans doing our best. Sometimes our best is not strong, brave or even pleasant. We fail....each and every one of us. We wrestle with attitudes, perspectives, maturity, insecurity, needs, desires,etc...each and every one of us. None of us know how to live life without these things, so the sooner we understand that we are no better than anyone else the more real our love becomes.

Honesty requires the ability to trust each other. When we get to the point that we can say anything, reveal anything and trust that love will remain intact this is love for the right reasons.

Change will always be part of life. There is never one moment in life that is void of change of some kind. Love endures change. Change cannot erase love. Love for the right reasons remains in the smallest and largest dose of change.

Humor and humility. If we can't laugh at ourselves or with each other or at each other then we can't fully love. I've learned that love for the right reasons must be balanced between our ability to laugh and courage to have humility.

Respect. No matter what, no matter when, no matter where... love that is real is a matter of respect. I respect you. You respect me. No matter what! Respect includes patience, forgiveness, second chances. Respect includes understanding.

Love for the right reasons includes the willingness to take care of yourself. Not all our ailments are spiritual in nature. Sometimes we need to seek medical care and commit to the prescription that is given by the medical professional. Not all ailments are physical in nature. It is important to address our spiritual needs. Do what it takes to remain healthy. This is what love for the right reasons includes.


JustMe said...

Very simply....thank you. Thank you for ministering peace to my heart and mind today. You do so many days and don't even know it! Here's a thought for the day for you - it fits. "The majority of us lead quiet, unheralded lives as we pass through this world. There will most likely be no ticker-tape parades for us, no monuments created in our honor. But that does not lessen our possible
impact, for there are scores of people waiting for someone just like us to come along; people who will appreciate our compassion, our unique talents. Someone who will live a happier life merely because we took the time to share what we had to give. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have a potential to turn a life around. It's overwhelming to consider the continuous opportunities there
are to make our love felt". ~Leo Buscaglia

KiwiCuz said...

I wish to echo the comment by just me. Thank you for this posting.