Thursday, July 31, 2008

reading at the lake

An exert from above book:

Home! Come home. Does not this ache that refuses to leave our hearts want to remind us that we are not yet at home? What gifts do we possess to help us on the homeward journey except our littleness and our greatness, our frailty and our splendor, our poverty and our wealth, our new name, lived out. Little-Great-One (this is our new name at Baptism), come home.

What is home but that place where your name becomes precious, the place where your name finds its power? You find power when you are at home because it is there that you are loved, cherished, and accepted just as you are, with all your frailty, fears, and flaws. It is there in that lovely dwelling place called home that you discover you don't have to be perfect to be loved. There at home, you are able to embrace the truth that it's part of your life journey to be in the process. You don't have to e finished to be good. You don't have to be finished to see your splendor.

What is home but that place where forgiveness stands at the door, peers out the window, and rushes down the steps to meet you? You may be thinking, "I've never felt that kind of home." Well, neither have I, but I've experienced enough of home's moments to know that it's possible. It takes a lot of the real presence of being there to feel at home; sadly, many of us seldom feel at home.

The call from God is to come home, to embrace both our littleness and our greatness and come home. Come home to our families, friends, our church our selves, our God.

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