Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a doodle doo....

We heard a story about our 3 year old with whom we are living with this week. As with any young child he repeats what he hears. He came home from pre-school several days in a row repeating one word he had heard on the play ground, the other four letter word for a rooster. He would blare the word out and his mommy would calmly tell him that was a word he did not need to use.

On the third or fourth day he tested the water again and tried out his new word. This time mommy looked down at him with a scowl. He knew that he was in trouble. Before his mom could say a word our little one looked up with his forehead wrinkled up and his eyes twinkling and he quietly added to his offensive word, "a doodle doo"?!?!

He saved the day with his clever addition, and hasn't spoken the word in question again.

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