Sunday, June 15, 2008

They didn't think of others....only themselves.

I can understand a visiting parent of one child being nervous about using the church nursery. I've heard the horror stories. I know why people don't trust. I understand that the church is not immune from mishaps.

Though I is commonly known among our church members that we have a really good nursery....multiple sitters, strict guidelines, clean, safe.

An extended family of long time members attended church today. They chose to sit on the front pew closest to the pulpit. Six children sat on the front pew....infant to six year olds. An adult sat on each end of the pew.

Hear me out: I love children.
I want children in the sanctuary.
Actively worshiping with others is
the only way children
learn how to worship.

However, I do not appreciate parents who put their children in impossible situations.

Surely you already know what happened.

The man on the end of the pew chastised a child with a loud voice. All this happened three yards from the pulpit. Try preaching while engulfed in chaos.

They don't have a clue how long it takes to write a sermon, or the many details that go into creating a worship service.

They don't have a clue
what was said today.....
because they only thought
of themselves.

Those children would have had a perfectly wonderful time together in the nursery.

So they didn't
the nursery.

Why did they
the front pew?

To top it off one of the mothers took pictures with a large flash camera. A couple loud snaps and a flash at the beginning of worship and a couple at the end. Four of her relatives were singing with the choir. She got their picture.....though she didn't hear the sermon or one prayer.

All I am left to say to the family is:

What a wonderful worship service.
Thanks for the respect you offered
our congregation today.

Next time think of the other people who show up to worship.

I wonder if they noticed all the other children in the sanctuary who have learned how to worship?


shawn said...

Gee, how do you REALLY FEEL?????

Seriously though ... ALL I can offer is a hearty - AMEN!!

But tell the truth ... you wrote this morning's sermon between breakfast and the first hymn didn't ya ?!?! *wink!!*

laughing pastor said...

I did not write the sermon dearest Shawn. My wife preached. She spends an enormous time preparing her is often a painful process for her. She really had a great message....but no one heard it. We thought about having her preach it again this Sunday.

laughing pastor said...
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