Thursday, June 26, 2008

side comments on a hot day....

It's hot. I middle aged. I'm just saying....Johnson's cooling cucumber baby powder has made all the difference in the world. A sprinkle in each shoe and here and there....well, I'm just saying. Best purchase I've made in some time.

About my "waking up" post from yesterday. Did I wake up to a new reality in one fell swoop? No way. Waking up was a 20 year process. I'm sure I have more eye opening discoveries just ahead. For now, I am awake and loving it.

To my long time (old!) friend in Kentucky....I got quoted in the paper today! A letter to the editor placed next to the political cartoon of the day mentioned me twice in my effort to get the city counsel to allocate tangible support to the local agency helping the poor.

Been riding the commuter train to school the last few days. Today I traveled with a most unique crowd of people. I thought to myself, if there were to be an emergency these people would be good to be with.

Across the aisle was a young Afro-American boy working the crossword puzzle in the freeby newspaper.

Next to him was a middle-aged hispanic woman wearing a Star of David necklace.

Behind them was an attractive Anglo business woman in her 50's. She had beautiful gray hair.

Next to her an Anglo man in his 50's taking a snooze. Across the aisle from them was a rugged man from the hippie generation. The deep sun drenched wrinkles in his face tell the world that he's been some places and survived.

Next to him sat an American Indian with long black hair pulled back in a poney tail.

In front of him was the young boy's mother reading the freeby newspaper.

Sitting next to her a young Anglo woman in her 20's on her way to work.

I love living in a place with such diversity.

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KiwiCuz said...

Hi LP,

Good to hear you are getting positive results from the commercial product. Something I find useful is to shake a smallhandful of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) into shoes at night and shake it out again in the morning. Good for absorbing odour and moisture. Cheaper too. (and this does not constitute medical advice etc.)