Saturday, June 28, 2008

packing yet again...

It didn't take me long to learn that ministry means itinerant, vagabond, nomad. Like the wandering Hebrews those of us in the full-time ministry live life with the reality that we (on the most part) don't get to stay in one place all our lives. Those ministers who stay for 20 or more years are rare, and when they stay that long they make it difficult for the church to move on with a new minister.

Though I must pick up everything in my church office I am only having to move to the other end of the building for a temporary period while the older wing of the church is demolished and replaced with a new facility.

My new office is located behind the Dr. Pepper machine under the steps. I stood in my new space as it was emptied out today. I'll be just fine in my new home.

We leave a building with a lot of history. Today we thumbed through mountains of papers and pictures and designated the items that will be sold. Found an old sermon by the minister who was caught on the couch with another staff member....the sermon was titled: "How to Have a Submissive Wife." We also are getting rid of some terribly distasteful wall hangings called art by some. These dreadful "art pieces" are proof that the church has a hard time saying no!

With each move I rid my life of the unnecessary. Maybe this is why God keeps us moving.

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