Monday, April 14, 2008

homeless again

Early last year a counselor from a local elementary school called me to let me know about a family in need. Their water had been turned off. Living in the house are mother, father (sometimes when he is not in jail) high school aged son, triplet elementary son's, and one younger daughter. Homeless for several months they have been living in one motel room; all seven of them!

I can't go into all the details as to why this particular family is currently homeless but it is a result of a father and a mother who will not take responsibility and control of their lives.

The children and their mother became part of our church last year. We presented the younger children Bibles with the other children of the church. That was their last Sunday. When coming to church the children and their older brother flourished. They are in so great need of love and we were giving them all we had.

For two months they have been living in a motel room.....all seven of them. Seems daddy spent another spell in jail and they lost their motel room. The shelters are all currently full. I in no way approve of dad's behavior nor do I support mom's inability to take control of her life....but when I think of those precious children without a breaks my heart.

Today the church paid the motel for a weeks's rent. Hopefully this will give dad a chance to get a new job and get this family back on track.

This is the second time we've helped this family. The other assistance we offered paid for an outlandish water bill. I can't give them any more money....all I have now are my prayers and my love.

"Lord, look over your precious children tonight.
I lift up in prayer Jonathan, Cynthia, William,
Anthony and Charles."

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