Tuesday, March 11, 2008

what? we can't count in texas?

Seems my noble effort to rush down to the elementary school on primary night to vote in the caucus was not worth my effort. Waaa, waaaa....they say too many voters came out to vote for the second phase of the Texas primary.

"We weren't ready!" "It's too hard!"

Really? It's too hard to count names on a piece of paper?

We live in the richest most powerful country in the world, but our election officials can't count all the votes because it's just too hard.

Where has the Texas Democratic Party been? In a closet? In denial? Off your rocker?

Suck it up! You can do hard things! It's called addition. 1,2,3,4.

If our children are expected to pass the TAKS test (state mandated exam) surely election officials can do some simple math!

This is just a sad, sad story!

Florida couldn't vote last presidential election and now Texas can't count.

I suppose the Texas two step was one step too many!

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