Friday, March 28, 2008

twang with a sting....just the way i like it!

I don't know what it is about Kate's quirky twang....but I like it and I like her. For quite sometime Kate Campbell has been featured on the right margin of my blog. Up until this past week I didn't own her c.d., I just listened to what I could find online. I finally bought one of her c.d.'s and love it!

She sings one song titled: Would they love him down in Shreveport?

Best lyrics I've heard in quite some time. Kate is the reason why I'm not so much a contemporary Christian music fan. Much of contemporary Christian music is too shiny for me. Kate ain't shiny.


If they saw him riding in
Long hair flying in the wind
Would they love him down in Shreveport today

If they heard he was a Jew
And a Palestinian too
Would they love him down in Nashville today

If they saw him talk with ease
To the junkies, whores, and thieves
Would they love him out in Wichita today

Would the rich men think it funny
If he said give up your money
Would they love him up on Wall Street today

If he made the wine from water
Gave it to their sons and daughters
What would the folks in Salt Lake City say

If he talked of brotherhood
As he walked their neighborhoods
Would they love him up in Boston today

If he said love those who use you
And forgive those who abuse you
If he turned the other cheek what would you say

Would you laugh and call him crazy
And send him on his way
If he walked right into your town today

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