Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm standing with Billy Wolfe...

No one deserves to be bullied. No one should have to go on national t.v. in an effort to stop the bullying. Having been the victim of bullying in Junior High and part of High School I know all too well the dangers of keeping your pain silent, and the risks involved when speaking out.

I kept silent for the most part.
Yet, over time I have been able to use my voice and my experience to minister to others. Tommy Crosby who used to live in Conroe, Texas in the 70's and my other past bullies had no idea that they would become part of my life story and ministry.

Today I am proud of Billy! He had the guts and the wisdom to tell his story on national television.

Today I stand with Billy.


shawn said...

As one who has lived with - AND SURVIVED - bullies in childhood, youth and recently as an adult ... like you I stand with courageous young men like Billy Wolfe who have found the courage to say - ENOUGH!!!

Bullies can only win if we chose to stay silent and NOT stand up against them ... and that is NOT a FAITH-FULL response!!

Our faith calls us to action ...

Anonymous said...

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