Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Proclaiming faith in the Bible Belt

I read the Bible.
I study the Bible.
I love the stories of the Bible.
I believe God reveals God's self in the Bible.
I believe the Bible offers wisdom for our lives.
I believe the Bible gives us a glimpse of who God is, what God has done, is doing and will do.
I believe the Bible shows us again and again that God has not, does not and will not gloss over the harsh realities of life.

I do not worship the Bible. I worship God.
The Bible will not save me. God will save me.

The Bible does not belong to a certain corner of the church,
to a certain people, to a certain perspective.
You cannot keep the Bible out of my hands, out of my mind or heart just because I do not fit your mold.

The Bible is a gift for all people.

I believe the words in the Bible reveal God's story and the story of God's people.
There is no word or language or book that can contain God.

I do not worship the printed word.

I worship the Living Word, the Word who became flesh, Jesus Christ.


SHELLY said...

Great post.......may I steal it to use on my blog one day soon?

laughing pastor said...

Of course Shelly you can use these words.