Thursday, March 20, 2008

maundy thursday

Some will come tonight. Certainly the Easter morning crowds won't show up.

Tonight is not one of those moments that attract the masses. Tonight we gather around the Table to prepare for the coming of betrayal, denial, arrest, mocking, flogging, and crucifixion.

Tonight we encounter God in Jesus stooping down to the floor to wash feet.

Take your shoes off and look at your feet. Most people in our time detest their feet. We certainly do not want anyone touching our toes and heels.

Yet, the very God who created our quirky toes and arches is the very God who stoops down low and wipes them clean.

Tonight is not one of those Hallmark moments. Washing smelly feet and preparing for death does not make for a perky greeting card.

No, most in our day in age avoid nights like this.
Most will keep their shoes tightly tied and their hearts protected so as not to experience the vulnerability of passion.

Tonight God proves again that faith has nothing at all to do with ignoring the harsh realities of life.

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