Friday, March 7, 2008

friday morning movie! updated with review.

I'm taking the morning to see the preview of The Counterfeiters. The reviews in the newspaper are quite good. I'll share my review after I see the movie. It's my day off. I've cleaned the kitchen, taken the trash out, and need to get dressed. I always feel like I'm skipping school when I go to an early movie. It's rare that I do it. I won't feel too guilty today....I have to meet a young engaged couple late this afternoon for pre-marital counseling.

Powerful movie. I suppose the minus of the A- that our local newspaper gave the move was for the ending. I know movies have to end....I was left wanting more. Suppose that is the mark of a good movie. Yes, the movie has subtitles.....BUT the subtitles are big and easy to read. Many times in the movie the subtitles are not necessary. This one is worth the time. Thankfully, we continue to keep this story of the holocaust alive. We should not forget.

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