Tuesday, February 5, 2008

will there be a church as we know it in the future?

A "twenty-something" woman talked to my Doctor of Ministry class. She was dynamic, energetic, and captivating. She sings with the band Addison Road. She shared with our class the perspectives of 20 year olds. Here are some snippits:

Church as we know may not exist in the future if this generation has anything to do with it. She said the Acts church will be more the form. Buildings will be obsolete. So what will happen to all our buildings? That I would like to know from you. What do you think?

She said some things that I have been preaching:

1. Young Adults want authentic experiences. Don't want to write a check....want to go to Africa etc.

2. Young Adults will fulfill their spiritual needs in a variety of places....not just church.

3. Young Adults are determined to make a difference.....for example the One.com/the effort to end poverty.

I wonder if we can inspire the church to allow young adults to fill our buildings and programs. It takes listening and the willingness to set aside our long held convictions. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I llike this church!

shawn said...

Hate to say it ... but THAT young woman is saying what I've been saying for the last twenty years ...

Wait a minute ... I was 20 twenty years ago ... and NOW, I'm outside the Church looking back with very little regret beyond watching something I LOVE withering from neglect ...

wise young woman that one.