Monday, February 4, 2008

between the trees...

I spent last weekend out of the pulpit again. This weekend I was with 700 youth at Austin College for the winter Presbytery conference. The theme of the conference was "Between the Trees". We looked at the bookends of God's kingdom....the tree of life in the Garden of Eden and the tree in the fulfilled heaven in Revelation.

These two trees represent God's promise behind us and before us. We live life in between the promise of these two trees. However, we don't live on our own....God promises to be with us in this life between the two trees. God also gives us each other for support and love.

What a great conference. Both my daughter and son attended.

My son met a girl. That's what happens at these kinds of events. But this story is pretty good. Listen up....

My son is bi-racial.....Greek and African American. He was walking with a young woman and we met in the hall. He told her that I was his Dad. She said, "That's not your Dad." I get the comment all the time. I am English/Irish....white.....really white! My son told her, "Yes, he is." I told her that he was adopted.

They go off to talk. He finds out that she is adopted. She is also bi-racial. She also lives with an Anglo family with the same last NAME!

Now that's a story!

Life between the trees!

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