Thursday, January 24, 2008

leaving on a jet plane....don't know when i'll be back again

Well I do know when I'll be back again. Tomorrow if the weather cooperates....I leave for Kansas City. My best friend signed me up for a job....a job I rather like....I get to talk about worship and creative ways to do it and not get stodgy Presbyterians mad at you. The best thing is I get to be with my friend. Nothing better than that! Gotta love the job I do on weeks like this.


Today I finished the final touches of my 17 page paper for my Practical Theology Class for the Doctor of Ministry program. That was a good feeling. I've completed 6 hours.....21 to go!


I accomplished one of the things I learned this past week. That lesson is about pushing back when necessary. Here's the thing....some people need there stuff pushed back in their lap. Deal with what is yours and quit blaming others. I was taught that pushing back seems rude and mean. BUT it is necessary at times to make people deal with what is theirs.


Our office assistant reported today that a man came into the office last week and sat in the hallway for an hour or so. He said he wanted to see a pastor. Neither of us were in. He told our office assistant that he wanted to accept Jesus Christ. The office assistant said that he could do just that. He did. Then he asked for a train pass to get downtown.

He came in again today and said the same thing. "I want to accept Jesus." Our office assistant said, "Well friend you did that last week." He replied, "Oh, that was my twin brother!" Office assistant said, "Well, you are more than welcome to accept Jesus Christ but we don't have anymore train passes." He left without accepting Jesus!


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