Wednesday, December 12, 2007

this one made me laugh on a day i needed to laugh!

Be sure to click on the monkey picture!

My friend Prairie Preacher wrote:
Today I popped over to "Up in the Night" and read a posting that left me speechless and breathless from laughing so hard ... I won't even begin to describe the posting - to do so would merely take away from it's delightful content ...

I popped over and read the following.....I'm still laughing!

Yesterday, Leah sat next to me in church, cross-legged on the pew with her dress covering her legs. She was concentrating on her notebook, painstakingly placing stickers (thanks,
mom) all over the cover. When out of nowhere (and in the stark silence of the chapel) she let loose the biggest piece of flatulence that congregation has ever heard. And at first I had to look back, expecting to see a gassy elephant sitting behind us. But no. It was my dainty daughter, acting as if letting one rip in the middle of church was completely natural. And not to be gross, but it had a noticeable flapping effect and was long. Long enough for me to look back at the pew behind us, not see an elephant sitting there, and then turn back to my daughter and say, “Stop, Leah,” to which she responded (yes, still flatulating), “But, Mom, it’s my toot. I CAN’T stop that.”

Why, of course!

And that’s when the man sitting in front of us looked back (expecting to see an elephant) and laughed out loud.

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