Saturday, December 8, 2007

one step closer to...

I hate to admit it but I can't get around it. I am now a truck driver, a GMC truck to be specific. My father bought a new truck so that he and my mom could pull their travel trailer around. His decision became my advantage.

My mom and dad have always been generous people, not only to me and my siblings but to other people as well. They knew our vehicles were in sad shape so instead of trading in their seven year truck to get a price break on their new one they gave it to my wife and me.

I know. I live in Texas and now I drive a truck. I one step closer to being what everyone thinks all Texans are. I'll risk your judgment! To tell the truth....driving a truck in these parts is about the only way to survive. I know...I've been driving a Ford Focus for four years! I've gotten used to seeing the underbelly of monster trucks. My new truck is medium in size. There are many on the road much bigger and some that are smaller.

As I drive...I promise to remember what it is like to drive a small car!


Mom&more said...

Your parents sound like wonderful, giving people. I think they did a great job as parents as well. I think you will fit right in here in Texas in your pick up truck.

laughing pastor said...

thanks mom and more. my parents are the best. in college i realized how wonderfully fortunate i am. i was in a sociology class....we were discovering the statistics of broken families etc.

anyhow they made me who i am warts and all and i will forever be thankful.