Thursday, November 1, 2007

two down, third funeral coming up.

I am flying to San Antonio to attend the third funeral of my week. On Monday I preached and led worship for a dear man in our church. He loved to play piano even though he didn't know one lick of music. His very last words were, "Don't forget to feed the birds." I knew his love for feeding birds so we collected bird seeds and had small tin buckets available for people to feed the birds. The family tossed seeds all around the cemetery after the graveside service. They appreciated the special touch.

My wife preached and led worship for the second memorial service for a woman who has suffered for several years from chronic pain and then Alzheimer's.

On Saturday I will attend the memorial service for a faithful pastor. I met him while serving St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in San Antonio. He was the Pastor Emeritus. He was a gentle, strong willed man. He held on much too long.

This return trip to San Antonio will be my first time back sense leaving the church there three and a half years ago. I look forward to seeing people and my old home....but I will only be there for one night and part of a day.

Three funerals in one week...and they have been the best part of my week. I've met some really good people and feel I've ministered in meaningful ways.

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