Monday, November 5, 2007

a moment from the past was all i needed.

This is a painting of the Rose window at mission San Jose. This is one of the five old Spanish missions located in San Antonio. I spent one night and one day in my old home. While there I saw former church members and friends. Each encounter was a gift. I had the complete pleasure of sitting on the patio of a friends cafe called Pam's Patio Cafe. What a joy to see them. We were there the first day they opened. Now the cafe is booming. If you go to San Antonio make sure to visit Pam's Patio Cafe located at the corner of Wurzbach and Loch Hill Selma roads. Delicious!

As much as I love San Antonio and the people there I also knew that my home is in Richardson now. While in San Antonio I literally felt like I was stuck in mid air between two places I love. I love the history and the landscape of San Antonio. I love my family, and the smallness of Richardson, even though it is in a metropolitan area.

It was good to get back.

Partly, this trip back to San Antonio helped me to close some doors that were cracked opened...pulling on my heart. I am confident that God needs me where I am. After a very challenging three and a half years in Richardson I feel as if we have just begun our ministry here. That is an answered prayer.

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Mom&more said...

It sounds like a much needed trip for you. It seems like it is always good to go and visit but there is no place like home.