Monday, November 26, 2007

i absolutely hate bananas, but...!

Anyone who has known me long knows without one ounce of doubt that I hate, detest, cannot stand bananas! But...

I have a little three-year old friend who discovered my hate of the banana and has become my best friend because of it.

Here is the routine. He says, "Banana!" and I respond, "Ooooooh, yucky. Pooh!" Then he belly laughs and starts the routine all over again!

While visiting this Thanksgiving he developed his Banana vocabulary. At one moment he ran across the room towards me and while running yelled with happy glee, "Running Banana!" I bellied laughed and he started the whole thing over! Later in the evening he discovered jumping banana, galloping banana, and falling banana!

He would wake up, come out of his room and the very first second he saw me his eyes would twinkle and he would say, "Banana!"

I absolutely hate bananas, but the banana has bonded me to this little boy and I will be forever thankful.

I hate bananas, but....!


SnowLite said...

That is hilarious and so cute! he is a clever little boy with an excellent sense of humor and I suspect he is going to be even more fun as he gets older.

Hey...maybe just for the heck of it you should try eating a banana. it might taste better now after all of that. :)

Fat Doctor said...

Son loves you even more than he loves bananas. You're his current crush!