Monday, November 26, 2007

can knowledge be an idol?

A colleague emailed some words that have me thinking today.

Knowledge can be a persons idol.

This is probably not a new concept, however any thought that causes new insight is something to ponder and consider.

Hmmm. Knowledge as an idol.

When church members use knowledge for the purpose of power then knowledge can become idolatrous.

When knowledge is used to tear down others, or to percolate gossip, or to cause and or maintain conflict, or to base ones reason for denial, then knowledge is idolatrous.

When knowledge is used to make excuses as to why new people or new ideas should not be accepted, then knowledge can become idolatrous.

Knowledge is an idol when words like this are spoken:
We've never done it that way.
You don't understand.
How could you know?

Knowledge is an idol when:
People allow only one side of the story to be told.
People speak continuously and are unwilling to listen.
People hear only what benefits their position.

Knowledge can and is often used as a tool to disrupt, corrupt, and manipulate.
This is idolatrous.

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shawn said...


You've spoken a truth here ... thank you!!