Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rohak’s Question.

abstract painting: Questions by Linda Woods 

Rohak a young Hindu man that stayed in my home for a period of time has kept in touch with me through the years. He’s a unique man of deep compassion and thought. Recently, a Law professor shared a story with his class about his sick child and how he felt abandoned by God. This left Rohak with a lot of questions, questions that have been asked by so many other throughout time. 

Why is God killing kids for playing with toy guns, or why would he abandon this lawyer?  It doesnt click. 

His question represents his wrestling to understand what has been called evil, what comes in the form of hatred and tragedy. I responded to Rohak’s question with these words:

As for deep rooted questions as you ask, my first response is this: the Christian Church, particular Christians in America, have concocted a shallow shell of a God and of faith. Theology for the most part has been constructed of black and white sophomoric bumper sticker thought.  

This kind of faith can sustain little. This kind of faith barely sustains a person when life is good much less when it falls apart!  This kind of faith does not allow for questions or doubt or anger.

So I can't and won't defend this kind of faith nor do I won't any part of it anymore.

Elie Weisel helps me better understand the hideous aspects of life and humanity and still hold on to a belief in God. Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote from a Christian standpoint; his writing digs deeper than the trite shallowness that is most often promoted as Christianity.Trite theology provides nothing of value!

Faith for me asks the very questions you have posed. I have no answer to offer, because to offer an answer would ignore the deep, deep pain that comes when tragedy destroys life.Faith for me is lifting up such questions.

Jesus mostly responded to questions with a question. 

The depth of who you are Rohak comes with the compassion you exhibit when hearing stories such as the one your professor shared. That compassion that causes you to wrestle and wonder, that my friend is what I experience, what I know in my life as faith.

A Junior High girl at church told me she asks a lot of questions and she has come to define God as the never-ending Question. I like that. 

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