Friday, July 8, 2016

Light is a Choice

Where is the light at the end of the tunnel...
the long, long tunnel 
created by what has become an 
a long-term cultural addiction to 
a system of racism
caused by fear 
nurtured by hatred
escalated by a numbing denial
that some live with privilege
and others 
to live without.

Who wakes up in the morning to 
choose to live without?

The idea that anyone "chooses" 
the very thing 
that does not allow fullness in life
is a lie.

It is a lie 
that a woman would choose 
not to be treated as an equal
that any woman consciously chooses 
to work as hard as a man and get paid less.

Oh, it's a choice that women are treated 
less than equal
but it is not a woman's choice.

It is a lie
that a person would choose
to be homosexual and be denied 
the same dignity
every woman and man 
in this world deserves.

Oh, it's a choice that homosexuals 
are not treated as equal
but it is not a homosexual's choice. 

It is a lie
that African Americans would 
choose to live in a system of racism...
would choose to live 
with suspicion
in subtle ways 
and in blatant ways. 

Oh, it's a choice 
but it is not the choice of 
any African American woman or man...
not one. 

The light at the end of the tunnel 
requires the speaking of truth
that choices 
are indeed being made.

What will it take for those
choosing to create and sustain

This question is not a threat.

This question is about another choice
the choice by many 
to begin living in a way 
that allows light
to shine on darkness. 

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