Saturday, June 25, 2016

Grief and Grace

A moment of grief
followed by a circle of grace.

Grief and grace 

Often hand in hand grief and grace 
move through life.

The power of grief is that it stops us
it opens us
it has power to cleanse us with tears... 
tears that come in all sizes and varieties. 

The senseless hate that led to death in Orlando
created a cavern of grief....
space so deep and wide 
it left so many of us breathless
as if floating in zero gravity...
but slowly our feet landed back on the ground
and we gathered 
united with others in our community
to pray
to speak
to sing
to cry
to embrace
to make abundantly clear that our feet 
are firmly planted 
and are here to stay. 

A young one in our midst wrote words
telling her own story 

Her mother read the words
as she stood before us with such courage 
and yes
the very grace 
that when we encounter it we see a way forward
filled with hope. 

That young one in our midst
surrounded by a circle of woman
offering her as much grace as she carry...
it was
and is 
beautiful to see. 

Such grief and grace will
surely lead us 
into the days and months 
and years to come. 

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