Thursday, January 31, 2013

pioneering welcome

can't we just 
be be the church?

we reflect GOD'S 
and this is a good thing

we welcome 
despite race
economic background
or sexual orientation.

we offer this welcome
knowing others in our denomination 
see the word 
sexual orientation 
and define us 
condemn us

and yet,
we continue to welcome

it is my dream 
and my honor 
to serve a church 
who offers such a welcome

they welcome 
and their welcome 
means they are 
a pioneering church 

and as pioneers 
they can't take for granted 
what their welcome means
especially to people 
who are longing to 
and to be affirmed as 
a child of GOD

like me!

i serve an incredible 
in a denomination 
that continues to wrestle

as the denomination wrestles 
this congregation welcomes
and their welcome speaks

especially when 

state legislatures 
such as the one in tennessee
push offensive legislation 
to create virtual police states in public schools
threatening to hurl down 
more abuse 
on gay children and youth

as the denomination wrestles 
this congregation welcomes 
and their welcome speaks

especially when 

faithful ministers are "rebuked" 
for providing the same ministry 
to gay people 
that they offer
to straight people

can't we just be the church 
and offer a welcome
to all?

you can.

and know
that your welcome


as the larger church and culture
struggle to turn yet another
corner of 

words of welcome
continue to be 
the mark of pioneers 


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castaway said...

Excellent piece of writing ... and hopeful ... as well as sobering.