Wednesday, July 11, 2012

do a little dance

the picture above is a bit blurry
because these two were dancing up a storm
during a break at the meeting of the 
general assembly of the 
presbyterian church (u.s.a.)

i know...
presbyterians don't move 
much less dance!
here's the proof...
some do!

other's of us were dancing too.

clad in rainbow scarves 
we danced and laughed and shared our stories
making known GOD'S power and grace
to create new realities.

this was the first time 
on the floor of the general assembly 
that ministers identified themselves as being gay.
this was the first time
faithful same sex partners were introduced
by keynote speakers and preachers from the pulpit. 

the scripture of the week told the story well...
(with their faith they broke a hole in the roof 
and dropped their friend down into the house
where JESUS was...
waiting and expecting
that their friend might be healed.)

when scripture becomes life reality
GOD'S power to heal 
becomes more than good liturgy or hymn...
GOD'S power to heal 
becomes real.

i had the deep joy of sharing and hearing stories 
during my week in pittsburgh, pennsylvania.

in safe places
we spoke.

the pain of the past was real
yet another reality trumped the past...
and each story we shared told of 
family and friends breaking open the roof
so that we might be dropped down into the house
where JESUS was...
that we might experience healing.

i do believe this is what the 
good news 
we christians say we have
is all about.

some of us danced
during the national assembly.

i danced
because i have been 
dropped through the roof
down into the church...

i have been dropped through the roof
down into the 
green grass and still waters...

i have been dropped through the roof
down into the 
peace only GOD can offer!

i'm staying 
where i've been 

while i'm in the house
i plan to 
do a little dance!

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