Monday, July 9, 2012

back after a break...

stoles at the more light booth 
general assembly of the presbyterian church (u.s.a)

i just returned from the meeting 
of the general assembly meeting of 
the presbyterian church (u.s.a.) held
in pittsburgh, pennsylvania.

i had thought i might have time to 
offer a few posts while there
but that turned out not to be a reality.

gathering that many presbyterians 
in one place is a sight to behold.
as interesting as the sight were the 
sounds we made with all our 

one man
who is not a presbyterian
got to know us well.
he drove the shuttle bus back and forth 
between the convention center and the nearby hotels.
when asked what he thought about all the
presbyterians he was transporting he said 
something like this:

"you know they forget that i can hear them talking.
i heard all their passionate words around the 
issues concerning the country of israel 
and palestine.  
there is so much concern and care 
about palestinian justice and also for the jews.
but you know...
in the same conversations about justice 
for palestinians i heard words of 
condemnation concerning homosexuals.
don't they get that issues about equality 
for homosexuals is a justice issue 
just like the ones they lift up for palestinans and jews?
how can you have compassion for one group of people
and not another?"

that was our bus driver!
he got it!
he gets it!

unlike others in the denomination i serve 
he has listened and is willing to listen to 
the stories of lgbtq people. 

though the presbyterian church (u.s.a.) 
did not provide a way for ministers to 
officiate in same sex marriages...
the good news is
the vote was rather close....

the good news is that 
gay ministers stood on 
the floor of the general assembly and spoke 
identifying themselves as gay.

the good news is that 
space has been made
for lgbtq folks to tell their stories openly 
and introduce their life partners.

the good news is once this level of openness
becomes a reality there is no turning back.

though it will be another two years 
before the presbyterian church (u.s.a.)
will have an opportunity to make lasting changes 
concerning the full inclusion of lgbtq 
children of GOD...
the good news is
we continue to have the conversation
making space
to talk and live and pray...
to sing and dance and laugh!

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