Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a tribute to laughter

photo by paul paul polugod

we met through an introduction
of a mutual friend.

our friend said,
"oh, my gosh! 
you two were meant to meet!"

she is the laughing lady
and i am the laughing pastor.

she entered my life
at a time i needed laughter in a bad way...
not only the joy laughter brings
but the healing.

the laughing lady
is tenacious...
energy, motion,
and all with a heart as
big as TEXAS...
but her heart belongs to JERSEY.

yvette is her name.

the picture above
was taken during
my installation...
who knew i would end up her neighbor
in this place called jersey?

"well baby! you're in the promised land
and we are going to have a blast!"

so let it be.
let the promised land unfold.
let the joy take root.
let the laughter ring out.

don't be fooled...
the laughter yvette is about
is real....
it's the stuff of GOD'S
breath and creating.

i will eventually
tell you about...
have reminded me
how precious life can be
when we live what we say we believe.

this laughing lady is the one
who reminded me in a profound way...
when joy has been planted
and it takes root...
nothing can get in the way.

who knew
laughter could have
so much power!


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