Tuesday, April 17, 2012


photos by wm. blake spencer

let's go to the
doodah parade...
and so we did.

what is the purpose of the
doodah parade?

it's all about
just for
the doodah
sake of it!

that's it....
fun and

and this year
perfect weather.

the doodah parade
in ocean city, nj
featured 600 basset hounds!

what a hoot!
really what a howl!

above are pictured
a few of the hounds.

interestingly the
ones dressed in the
devil and the nun costumes
don't seem so happy.

the devil has a tear
as if to say...
don't look at the surface
because deep down
i'm really one
sweet being.

the nun seems
dejected as if to say
don't box me in
by your narrow points of view
i'm not who you think i am.

basset hounds
and santa,
geek princesses
and a hobo band,
and just a whole lot

well worth the time
proving again
that laughter
has the power
to bring people together!

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