Saturday, March 24, 2012

pastor's library

my boxes of
books remain boxed
at my house...

all the theological
and liturgical
and educational
words printed and bound
remain boxed up...

there is no need
to move them twice.

you see i've moved
to a church
on the move.

in a matter of months
the move may take place
and i had no desire
to upack what
would need to be packed
so the sealed boxes remain.

the book shelves in my office
are virtually empty
until last night that is.

can i store bread
on the shelves in your
she asked?

of course...
was my answer.

and so my shelves
reserved for words
about the nature of GOD
and the purpose of faith
and worship
and prayer
and fellowship
and education
are currently filled
with BREAD.

perhaps it is all
so very appropriate.
the pastor's study
is filled with
rather than books.

1 comment:

Reverend Shawn said...

Brother Blake - You truly rock!!!
I love the image of our bookshelves stacked with loaves of bread - the metaphor is breath-taking and powerful. Our greatest Theological volumes are ultimately about glorifying and celebrating the Covenant of Love between us and God, and the best and most concrete expression of that Covenant is by feeding the body AND the soul ... we don't need our books to preach the Gospel, but our tummies need bread to be able to hear it!!!

I'm honoured and delighted to call you a colleague and a friend !!! You've offered wise counsel today my friend ... blessings!!! and THANKS!!