Tuesday, March 6, 2012

breathing deep

photo by wm. blake spencer/ocean city board walk

someone said,
"things...sometime too many
things pop in her head at early
morning hours and keeps her awake."

i jokingly said...
don't call me
i'm still sleeping.

but i wasn't
this morning at 4 a.m.

a to do list popped into
my head and would not go away.
creating a moderate level of

i recorded my to do list
and remembered
to breathe in deeply
through my nose
deep down into my diaphram...

why do we forget to breathe.
when i remember to breathe
i calm down....
i went back to sleep
and when i woke up
i felt better.

i had my to do list
in tact.
and as of late morning eight
of the eleven
tasks were done.

two other tasks i
will soon complete
and the last
i have a few more days
to get in order.

i remember.

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