Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas eve call

photo by blake spencer

a text 
and a call
pre -
christmas eve worship

partly angst
that we're not yet 
in the company of the ones we love
and for two...
the one who texted,
the one who called,
they expressed their sadness
that the holiday is not
the way 
they desire.

it is easy to forget
that for some
holidays are 
harsh reminders
of what was 
and what is not.

some call it 
a blue

and for some reason
each and every season
i spend time 
before these 
worship services 
on christmas eve
feeling blue.

so with these blues
i wait
thinking of those
i love....
thinking of those
i don't even know.

not because i'm some martyr
not because i'm some saint
but just because 
there is a piece of
loneliness in each 
one of us
and we all seek 
we all seek home...
we all seek 
something more. 

peace on earth
and peace in heart.

peace be ours
this night. 

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