Wednesday, December 14, 2011

and then...

photo by blake spencer

isn't it 

one day it feels...
it seems 
the clouds
and doubts and
power plays 
hold the end 
of the story.

in this season of the 
of donkey carrying mother
of shepherds in the their fields
of stars in the night sky...

i can't help 
but ponder 
the many clouds and doubts
and power plays
that took place
in Jesus'
in Jesus' life.

we sing 
silent night,
but we can't sing
without the 
truth of what
will come in the 
stories after the manger.

isn't interesting...
how clouds and 
doubts and 
power plays 
seem to win 
one day...

and then in an instant,
in a word...

a new perspective,
a new reality.

it's gospel 
story stuff

it is.

one day
it is this,
and then...

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