Monday, October 10, 2011

feeding of the 5000

we turned to the old
old story
and heard again
of Jesus and his love
his compassion
for those who were
to know more
to live more.

on the side of the hill
we heard Jesus
speak again and the
disciples clamored
around to
announce the crowd
was hungry.

the crowd is hungry
and there is no

the crowd is hungry
and the fridge is

the crowd is hungry
and we can't
host a party.

a party
they had.

gather what you have
and sit...
look at each other in the eyes
learn each others name
hear each others story.

a crowd became
a family.

that is a miracle.

at the conclusion of
the worship
i announced that
i was hungry....
what do you have
i asked the people.

one lone voice
"i have a cup of tea!"

on the way down the center aisle
people handed
me what they had.

our empty basket
now had contents
you can see that
pictured above.

i simply wonder
what Jesus
would have done
one chocolate covered power bar
a fruit bar
a child's bunny shaped cracker
a lolly pop
and two cough drops.

what would the miracle be?

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