Wednesday, October 19, 2011

at the edge of the promised land

called by god
to go where he
never dreamed he would go.

who responded,
"oh, lord....really
i can't do what you want.
i'm not even a good speaker.
how can i inspire a people to listen."

found out
god rarely takes
no for an answer.

went, led,
cried, argued,
but ultimately did what god said.

went the distance
but in the end...
did not get to step into
the land of promise...
but only got to see
what god had promised.

upon seeing with his own eyes
that god had done what god had promised
closed his eyes and died.

surely, this servant of god
has something to teach us.
how does god call us?
where does god call us?
what does god promise us?
how does god reveal to us promises kept?

(this week, last week, and the week before...
and next week and the week after...
i'm sure to bump into some of the answers.
it's happened before...
it will happen again.)

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