Wednesday, September 21, 2011

something from the past

photo by madeleine spencer

her words came a bubbling
and along with them she
in the room with me again.

my friend texted...
still have headache.

i texted back advice,
words my nana
would have said.

if your head is still hurting
then i suggest you
open a drawer
put your fingers
in it and slam the drawer...
i promise you
you won't be thinking of your
head hurting.

my friend was not appreciative
of my text.

i responded to his
well, she was really right
if you think about it.

i remember hurting my finger at
my nana's house...
"ouch that hurts!"

with these words my nana
came close and stomped on my foot
laughing she said....
now you're not thinking about your finger...
she would laugh
then i would laugh
and before i knew it
the pain was not the focus.

obviously it does not require
one to hurt or be hurt for my
nana's words to speak truth...

just think about it
and you will discover a new way
sooner than later.

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