Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a reminder yet again...

I wonder how many times in my life
I will journey the cycle
doubt to trust
anxiety to peace
panic to hope?

The past few weeks
I've gnashed my teeth
and wrung my hands...
paced the floor
and sat heavy
with worry.

What if?
How much longer?

The questions
of Job.

In the low end of the cycle
it is easy to forget
the high end
ever was.

And yet...
and yet...

I've been reminded again.
From coast to coast and in the middle of our country
from far north to the very south
I've had conversations.

It's as if God is saying,
"How much do you need?"

I needed...
and then was reminded.

I will have a place to be.

The future is just over there
and you will make it.

How many times
does this cycle have to turn
before I get it?

The angst
and worry,
the doubt and
fear....have subsided
all there is today
is peace.

"Please Lord, help me remember

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