Monday, August 15, 2011

and the universe rumbled...

i was in the throws of habit
getting ready
and getting on my way.

after shooing the dogs out to the back yard for their day
i climbed in my car for
the trip into town
to work
at the church.

school zones are active again
so i took a new route.

weather is cooler so i rolled
down my windows.

in one of the many
traffic jams along the way
i thought of her...

my grandmother.

i didn't have any particular
i just thought of her.

and then
i thought of water
in particular the water
in the bowl belonging to my dogs.

i thought.
i didn't leave the garage door open
so that the dogs could get to their water.

i would have to go back home
which is quite a ways from where i was.

this doesn't seem that monumental of a story
till you remember how very
much my grandmother cared about animals!

she used to cook for her dogs
toss ice cubes in their water bowl
allow them to sleep in the best spot of the couch.

she took care of neighbors dogs
stray dogs
dogs she'd never met.

that my dogs could not get to their water
was of crucial concern for my grandmother this morning.
i imagine she had to gather the celestial choir
together along with the orchestra to get my
she did.

i went back home
and made sure my dogs had water
and enjoyed every mile of the trip.

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