Sunday, July 31, 2011

winter thoughts in july

a number of months ago
i was the one
groaning and moaning.

the cold,
the snow
it was not so familiar
to me.

it seemed it would never end.

it's so hot
things literally melt....
but the
for me
is familiar.

i grew up in heat.
it's hot.
i don't particularly
cherish the hottest of the heat...
it's just familiar
that's all.

as i hear others
moan and groan...
i remember mine.

the cold didn't last.

the heat won't either.

right now
it's hot
and life in some ways
feels backward.

maybe it's
the heat warping my senses
i can't be for sure.

things feel backward
and from this
vantage point
i'm left
to ponder
what was
and what is
and what will be.

like i said...
maybe it's
the heat.

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