Thursday, July 28, 2011

my sister

my sister.

she came to visit me
on her birthday weekend.

i had called her earlier this summer
and said
i have a birthday present for you.

she asked

you buy a plane ticket
and come see me.

and guess what!


my sister.

she's always been for me
always loved me.

i remember one night being afraid.
i went into her room and slept on top of her built in desk...
it was big enough to climb into and cocoon.
she could make me feel safe.

i also remember when she and a family friend
pinned me down on the driveway and
poured the partial contents of
pet milk (not the pet's milk, but the evaporated milk product)!
oh, she will say she doesn't remember this episode!
but i was the one with pet milk running down my throat...
my memory is the better one on this!
she sometimes used me as an experiment.

i can laugh now!

i remember when she let me practice driving
in the back of the subdivision
in her 70's Vega station wagon.

there are so many memories.

i'm thankful.
my sister loves me.
i love her.

she listens to me.
she respects me.
she's proud of me.

that my
friends is a blessing.

have a brother too.
more on him later!

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