Thursday, April 14, 2011

Minister with a dilemma...

How can I fulfill my vows of ordination...
he writes.
How can I fulfill my vows
when there other ministers and elders I define as
are in the same room?

How can I fulfill my vows...

he writes...

when I Corinthians 5: 9-11

calls us not to even eat

with one who
is sexually immoral.

How can I fulfill my vows...
he writes!

We eat lunch at Presbytery meetings.

What should I do?

Go outside and eat?


Define the way you must define....

But even
your definitions
of sin and immorality
were the one and only way

you still
have dilemma.

Jesus ate with sinners.

Jesus went into the homes of sinners
and ate.
Jesus ate with sinners!

Why don't you do the same
and find out!
I believe without a doubt if you
do sit
with the one you
deem immoral
and eat
and listen
and speak

and listen some

there might not
be a dilemma

But it seems your
ready to blow the candle out
and leave.

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