Friday, February 18, 2011


I read it again
and it was
just like the very first time.

Focus more
on helping things go right
over and above
dealing with things that go wrong.

In other words
focus on what is going right
rather than what is going wrong.

Celebrate what is right
rather than
and complain
about what is going wrong.

This is true
for our individual lives
as well as our
and yes,
for our church
and denomination.

What is going right?
What can we celebrate that is right?
What can we do to help things go right?

What is going right?
A move in the church
and yes the culture to listen more fully
to those who have been long silenced.

What can we do to help things go right?

not to the first sentence
of a persons story
but to the whole story.

the unique way God
loves each person
and the unique way God
calls each person.

Be genuine.
Be who God created you to be.
Take time to discover who you genuinely are.
Allow others to share who they genuinely are.

Encourage each other.
Each one of us has gifts to offer.
Each one of us serves as a valuable resource.

It's time to focus
on what is going right
and to help things go right.

This takes risks
and risks take courage
and courage takes faith
and faith takes grace
and grace
is what is good.

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