Tuesday, January 25, 2011

show us the way

A friend of my who lives in New Jersey
sent me a gift of song.
I've been listening to the words
the last couple of days...
words reminding that
God me,
knows me,
is with me
and what God created in me is beautiful.

I listen to these words
trying to quieten the others....
the words I've hurled at myself all these years
and the words others have
served me.
Obviously these
remembered words are the
ones focused on my
weaknesses, faults, sins, brokenness...

And then I
along with others were
reminded in a very
deep and powerful way...

"God has filled you with strengths.
Lift up your strengths...
know what they are...
and what they bring
to your work, family and life."

I was made in God's image...
not perfectly, but lovingly.
I was made in God's image...
and through the gift of God's grace
I will eventually
and fully move into
all that God intended.

An old friend posted on her Facebook wall...
Believe the what God created you to be....
not what others say you are.

I voiced a prayer
with others today.

"Show us the way."

"Show me the way."

Give me courage.
Give me patience.
Soften my defensiveness.
Open me to
hear and speak.

Show us the way.
Show me the way.

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